LaReina Shaw


La Reina Shaw was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, a country located just south of Russia on the Caspian Sea. Ever since she was a young girl she has illustrated the true essence of a model. Surrounded by the success of her family, she has always had a deeply rooted entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 5 her family moved to Germany. She has traveled to countries all throughout Europe where she was able to learn several languages including German, Russian, and English.
At the age of 13 her modeling career began. Her natural talents, passion, energy and creativity have been critical components of her success. At the age of 19, she moved to the U.S. after being accepted to the University of Maryland. Her entrepreneurial spirit, ambition and dedication have lead to her becoming an extremely savvy businesswoman. 
Currently La Reina is working on her exotic swimwear line called MINA REI. Her passion for art and fashion has formed her into an extremely talented designer. MINA REI is truly unique and already a huge success in its early stage.