King Fame


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King Fame was born Marcus Legette in Upstate, NY  to 16yr old Sheila Legette and 15 yr old MarcoiTorelli. Not yet ready for the responsibilities of motherhood, marcus was left with his grandparents while Sheila got her life together and marco became absentee. Raised in a Family of musicians, Marcus Began displaying his own musical talents as he taught himself drums at the age of 4.By Age 8 marcus’s mother began to take notice of his affinity for rapping and she incouraged him to join the school band, where he learned music theory. Now living in Atl where marcus was excelling in altheltics playing four sports, but his life took a tragic turn for the worst when he lost his mother in a tragic car accident. Marcus used his loss as an inspiration for his first musical collaboration with Producer Herman Johnson  ( now monicas music coordinator) to pen “lifes so hard” a touching tale about his substantial lost. Marcus Now going by messiah the chosen one eventually went on to record his first mixtape, Street Heat Vol 1. Intent on staying out of trouble Marcus moved to Winston salem to  continue his education and pursue his basketball career, but was deterred by a drug charge for intent to sell and deliver. After being released from jail Marcus now going by F.A.M.E ( to Fuck all my Enemies) continued dropping projects and began working with magneto7 (grammy award winning producer for Eminem) and Ski Beatz (reasonable doubt Fame). Now going by King F.A.M.E, He is currently working with Sony/BMG and preparing to release his next project “Rise 2 F.A.M.E”, King F.A.M.E is ready to show the world persistence trumps tragedy.