Exclusive Interview


Denita & Kanita Benson

Twin Models / Pole Artist

Southfield, MI


The Benson Twin's inner beauty shines just as much as her outer beauty. Their inner beauty lies within her personality, education, focus and determination. These Detroit native have even bigger plans for the future.

Besides modeling, "The Benson Twins" enjoy performing all over the country as well as teaching pole dance/fitness to woman who’s always looking for a fun and sexy way to stay in shape.  In addition, the twins enjoy roller-skating all over the country, gymnastics, shopping, working out, traveling, dancing, and enjoying life and the company of their friends and family. On the inside there's so much more to the Benson Twins; their sexy, sassy, classy, confident, and sophisticated. Their sweet and respectful nature is also a draw; along with their sense of humor that people just enjoy being around the both of them.

Despite their busy schedule working in the corporate world, “The Benson Twins” still manage to make time for family, fun, relaxation and a great workout “The Pole” and “Roller-skating”. These two have found what many may considered to be something negative and transformed it into something positive. The Benson Twins don’t look at pole dancing as just that.  They consider it an Art that they enjoy sharing with the world. Poetry in Motion is another word they use to describe such fabulous workout.  

Having that bond plays a major part in their Pole-formances as well as the modeling industry which provides instant success for the both of them as they continue to support one another.

Working on being even more in the main stream are some of their major goals. They’re looking to go even more main stream hoping to tie modeling, acting and the Art of Pole all into one. Like everything else, "The Benson Twins" takes everything seriously when it comes to business their involved in, they say, "It's not a Hobby of them, it's their LIFE and our Passion and they enjoy doing every bit of it". They put 110% in everything that they do, no matter what it is. You've seen them on the cover of New York Times Best seller author Zane; An APF Sexcapade, a Pole dance performance during hip hop artist Ludacris concert, introducing Wendy Williams on her show, Eye Candy Models, many popular Magazines, Calendars, Commercials, Music videos and more. They have many more projects in the works so look out for them.

For more info or booking you can reach them at or on

Twitter @BensonTwins

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Instagram: TheBensonTwins

Google / YouTube: The Benson Twins

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