Omega B



Certified dope dealer. Liberator. Mind Healer. Hip Hoppa; Don't stop ha. Peace, Light, && Music. Love is a drug. Abuse it.

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This bio is about Omega B. It is written by Omega B. So I feel no need in writing in third person. Who can tell you about me, better than I? Peace and Light. I am Omega B. I was born in Huntsville, Al to Paul and Dana Brown but raised in Tuscaloosa, AL by Brenda Stephney. Music became a part of my life at an early age. Seven years young, I picked up an electric guitar and joined a summer camp program- formed by Blues Legends Debbie Bond and Willie King, called the Blues Camp Kids. Eight years young was when I decided to take up singing as well as playing guitar. My first show was simply amazing and music and I have been love birds every since. Time has passed and seasons have change but one thing remains the same; music. As I grew up and started working less on music and more on life, I realized that they are one in the same. Music greatly influences life. Believe it or not. I have thus made a conscious decision to liberate the minds through music. Bringing hip-hop back to her purest essence. In doing so I have learned to sing, emcee, DJ, produce, engineer, write, dance, and draw. All forms of hip-hop artwork. My album, State of Insanity: Breaking Abyss, is a compilation of blues, jazz, hip-hop, and rap but it is something that the entire family can listen to and enjoy together. I feel that if my music reaches and heals just one person, my work is done. I love music. Not the music business. Peace, Light, and Music.

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