Da Killah Genius



Rap/Spoken Word, Producer & Audio Engineer. Request Me to Make You Some Beats for Your Songs, Peace...... dakillahgenius@gmail.com (Zodiac)

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Official Site: dakillahgenius.com | @DaKillahGenius
Da Killah Genius is a half African American, half Caribbean MC (rapper), producer and Audio Engineer who hails from South Jersey. KG has multiple styles of art when it comes to hip hop that spans across Rap, Poetry and Reggae. With his production style, Da Killah Genius has various styles when it comes to his own production.

The Age of 5, Da Killah Genius began playing on keyboards. During his childhood years, he listened to Rap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, and little bit of R&B/Soul. KG listened and got influenced by artist such as The Wu-Tang Clan, The Fugees, Mobb Deep and Many More.
Age 11 (eleven), KG started developing a relationship to make music of his own kind from the Rap genre (uncensored hip hop) as well as other entreprenuel plans set aside from music.
Age 15, Da Killah Genius was forced to join a choir at a church called “St. Matthews Baptist Church” but stayed for a short period of time because he didn’t like singing. KG enjoyed rapping about whatever was on his mind, regardless if its out of peace and/or hatred, his music remain neutral.
Age 16/17, KG began writing his first songs called “Tha Phony” and “Plastic Rap Surgery” during his last year of high school. After graduation of high school (2004), Da Killah Genius started making plans on investing for his own equipment.
2005 of December, KG started recording and producing his first couple songs. During the time of KG’s relationship with his music, he came across another artist called “Rocky.” Da Killah Genius and Rocky recorded Monster Music (Rap Anthem) and Killah Amp Sample:1st One for KG’s first album called “GHOST-Handz Redemption.”
2007 of August, Da Killah Genius released “GHOST-Handz Redemption.” Although it wasn’t very successful, it was a start for KG. KG reviewed his mistakes he made on his first 1st LP and decided to take his music career alot more seriously and study the market.
2008 of June, Da Killah Genius released “Tha ReBirth EP”, which featured 8 songs and no special guest appearance.