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On The Block Entertainment LLC recording artist C. Gillie (pronounced "Jilly") will drop his debut mixtape, "Everybody Hates Chris 3", through indie net label On The Block Entertainment and its subsidiary OTB Records (OTB) on June 17th.
C. Gillie gained national attention in 2007 with the blazing track "Top Notch Glamour Chick", which charted in various deejay pools and newsletters, landing the Richmond, VA native on the pages of The Source, Ozone Magazine, Music Choice, and on Sirius satellite radio. The industry buzz surrounding "Top Notch Glamour Chick" attracted the immediate interest of various labels looking to sign C. Gillie.
Uniquely talented and easy on the eye, Gillie was featured on the "Street Dream Tour" with Young Jeezy and rocked stages with stars Jim Jones, Lil Wayne, Lil Boosie, Rich Boy, and Nelly among others. Gillie has also been featured various hip hop magazines and blogs such as The Source Magazine, Hip-Hop Weekly, and Ozone Magazine. Everybody Hates Chris 3" is C.Gillie's third release on OTB Records, which he launched in 2005 with his older brother and founder and CEO of Yacht Club Management, Peppy Johnson. The project will feature 12 tracks, including C.Gillie's piping hot radio single Everything Swagg, crafted by Superstar producer Johnny Juliano and the sizzling follow-up "Can't see me!" produced by True to the Street Productions.
"I named the mixtape 'Everybody Hates Chris 3' as a follow up to the sequel because we live in a day and age where people just love to hate on your success and desire your downfall," says Gillie of his promotional release that also features Internet heavyweight sensation artist !LLa Scorsese (1st Class), Biggie Tom, and Narrow."I've been there, plus my real name is Chris Giles, so I just thought it was a cool to stick with the concept."
"Everybody Hates Chris Vol 3" will be available for free download at www.soundcloud.com/ymcmusic as part of the promotional campaign



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