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mike motley


My name is Cashies Tha Storyteller aka (Mike Motley) Im a type of artist that tells storys of past, present, and future events of people lives, characteristic a

Montgomery,Alabama USA ·…


Im Cashies Da Storyteller aka Michael Motley, Im hail from Montgomery,Alabama. Im 29 years old i have 2 older sisters and 1 older brother.I am the youngest of four kids.I fell in love with music when i seen Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 on tv show call Soul Train with the late Don Cornelius.I fell love with hip hop when i seen Big Daddy Kane on his video smooth operator I was driven than one day make it as a rap artist.I record my first song when i was 20 and being rapping on and off ever since. I made my first mixtape the Art Of Storytellin which made impression in my community.Im currently in the process on working on my new mixtape Missing Pages. My name Cashies Da Storyteller came from being original and making great music you can listen too.My music has great concepts but my razby ablibs with crafty punch lines keeps u lock into his music.

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