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Kevin L. Kea Jr, better known by his stage name “Baghdad Flow” or simply “Flow” was born on March 8th 1990. Flow, like many other children during the late 80s, early 90s was heavily affected by the rapidly growing Hip-Hop phenomenon. His father, Kevin Kea Sr, introduced Flow to many Hip Hop artists and sounds. These artists included LL Cool J, Tupac Shakur, Notorious BIG, Dr. Dre, GrandMaster Flash & the Furious Five, SugarHill Gang, NWA, Heavy D, Rakim KRS 1, Nas & Jay-Z to name a few. All of these artists were significant to Flow since they laid the groundwork to the undying passion that he possessed for the Hip Hop culture.

In the early stages of Flow’s life, he moved back and forth between New York and Teaneck, NJ. By age 7 his father had taken everything they owned and moved everyone to Teaneck to form a better life for the family. This change of scenery was very beneficial for Flow because he got to see the best of both worlds, the mean streets of the Bronx and the green grass of the suburbs. By enduring this change of scenery Flow diversified his style and approach to Hip Hop. After the move his father noticed the Hip-Hop/Rap culture began to slowly take a hold of young Flow. When his favorite songs would play and he didn’t know the words, he began making up his own raps. To the surprise of his family, friends along with himself he was actually pretty good at it.


In his teenage years, Flow attended Teaneck High School. He played sports such as football and basketball. His basketball career was short-lived but he played varsity football for the entire duration of high school and during his freshman year in college. Sports didn’t intrigue Flow much longer than his freshman year in college. In fact, college didn’t intrigue Flow much past his freshman year. After deciding to give college a break, he took his passion for music to the next level. He decided to take his talent of rapping serious and gave himself the rap name “Flow”. Flow was a perfect name for him because of his ability to twist and flip his rhyme patterns around unlike many other rappers. The addition of Baghdad to his stage name came about when longtime family friend Max came up with the acronym, standing for Bread Always Gets Harder During A Drought. Flow saw Max as an older brother figure and decided to pay homage to his longtime friend once he ran into troubles with the law system.

Flow loved to listen to, Mase, Jeezy, Rick Ross, Meek Mill and Jadakiss because of their raw and unmatched rhyme scheme. He had aspirations of being successful artists like them, only hoping to supersede them once he established himself. After seeing slow progress from trying to take his rap career into his own hands, he noticed becoming an artist was a lot more work than he could handle. Flow then decided to ask his closest friends to help him make his dreams come to fruition. Along with 15 of his friends, Flow formed a megagroup called “Big Family Music/ Big Family Productions”. Big Family Music is responsible for handling Flow’s management, branding, and promotion. From then on, they have been steadily working and moving towards get their first artist “Flow” out to the public and on the Hip-Hop/Rap scene. With Flow’s hard work and dedication and Big Family’s backing and support, Flow feels he can accomplish his goals of being a Hip Hop icon.


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