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In a male dominated industry, many female MCs never have the opportunity to stand out. However, occasionally there comes a female MC that stands out from the rest. Aja Malone’s Hip-Hop’s best kept secret weapon. While male lions hold the title of being King of the Jungle, Aja’s role is the female in this jungle who holds the title as The King of the Jungle’s Queen….labeling herself the lioness.
Living in Maryland and Georgia, Aja Malone began her rapping career at an early age. Aja admired female MCs like MC Lyte and Queen Latifah, not just for their lyrical content but also for the presence, style and charisma on the microphone. Aja also admires Mary J. Blige for her raw talent & for her being a down to earth, strong, classy, elegant lady whose talents have emerged throughout her career displaying her versatility, creativity, & business innovation. Aja wrote her first rhyme at 10 years old, making it clear she was not your average little girl.
Aja continued to rhyme in high school and college. Battling guys in the cafeteria, Aja quickly gained respect from her male counterparts. Aja joined Micology, a Hip-Hop club formed by students that became the essence of Hip-Hop on campus; the group presented showcases spotlighting new talent and educated the student body about the Hip-Hop culture. Her peers respected Aja as the only female MC in the group holding her own with the fellas. This experience ignited her passion and hunger for Hip-Hop music and culture. After graduating, she began to record with local producers.
However, it was not until Beat Box presents SubSkript, a group of lyricist and producers, which further advanced her love for Hip-Hop. The group's first mixtape entitled "Free For All" displayed Aja's versatility as she did songs to fit each geographic location (North, South, East, & West). Beat Box's first LP album entitled "The Era" Aja co-executive produced. Once again surrounded by male MCs, Aja shinned letting the world know she is not your typical female rapper. After asking Aja what are the key components of success as it pertains to music and the business of music, she replied, “we must implement color, character, confidence, charisma, and conviction…(as referenced in an upcoming song) and us artist must also take part in our business operations by reading, learning, and networking with business professionals.”
Aja has written and recorded numerous songs. One of Aja’s goals is to see more unity and respect amongst female MCs. She states, “I love all my lyrical sisters as I call them…there is enough room for us all, but you must know your position(s).” With her solid writing skills and charismatic flow, Aja brings the passion and versatility back to Hip-Hop. Currently, Aja is a DIGGZTOWN MUSIC GROUP artist who dropped her first mixtape entitled “Secret Weapon” in August 2012 that will be followed up by an EP album entitled “I Live For This…” dropping Spring/Summer 2013, which will be executive produced by Domingo “Diggz” Hussain for DIGGZTOWN MUSIC GROUP. Aja is not just an artist but also a songwriter, entertainer, & a businesswoman. Another one of Aja’s goals is to make an impact in the music & entertainment industry with her passion, visions, innovation, & uniqueness. Look for Aja to take Hip-Hop and the business of music from the U.S. to beyond, as the next generation of Hip-Hop.



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